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Mojito Sensations Vol.2

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Violet Mojito

Violet Mojito


Very unusual is the mysticism and legends surrounding the violet, to whose early flowering classical mythology has tried to give a magical explanation. Also known as "tears of the gods." The flowers of this plant, as the name implies, are purple and have a penetrating aroma. They are edible prepared in salads, gelatine and coating for decoration, as well as for the elaboration of various soft drinks.


Our Violet Mojito merges on a single product: mint, sugar, lemon and essence of violet. The final cocktail is made of:

  • * You can make the preparation eliminating rum and doubling the amount of Forcevital base.
  • Violet Mojito Base
  • Rum (to choose)
  • Sparkling water


How is Violet Mojito prepared?

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