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Mojito Sensations Vol.2

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Passion Fruit Mojito

Passion Fruit Mojito


Maracuya or Passion fruit has its origin in the Amazon. It was discovered in Peru in 1569 by a Spanish doctor who wrote about the use the Indians gave to the fruit, and spread this knowledge to the old world. Known as passion fruit, maracuya is a fruit with great medicinal properties, which also acts as an energizer, besides being a natural slimming product. Its superb taste reflects the perfect balance between sweet and sour.


Passion Fruit Mojito is a combination of natural products. Amongst others: Mint, sugar, lemon and passion fruit. To achieve the cocktail, just add rum and sparkling water:

  • * You can obtain a non-alcoholic cocktail substituting rum for the same amount of Forcevital base.
  • Sparkling water
  • Passion fruit Mojito Base
  • Rum (to choose)


How is Passion Fruit Mojito prepared?

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