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Mojito Sensations Vol.2

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Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito


TASTE YOUR MOST SENSUAL SIDE! For many millenniaman has been using wild strawberry as food. The remarkable properties of strawberries are due to its vitamins and minerals. This berry with her delicate heart shape connotes purity, passion and healing. Strawberry has been used in histories, literature and paintings over time


STRAWBERRIES WITH NATURAL! Strawberry Mojito combines the following raw materials and natural fruits: Peppermint, sugar, lemon and strawberry. The final preparation consists of: Ron (to choose) Strawberry Mojito Base Soda * It can be made non-alcoholic adding more base.and no rum

  • Ron (A elegir)
  • Base Mojito Fresa
  • Agua gasificada
  • *Se puede elaborar el coctel sin alcohol incorporando el doble de base y quitando el ron


¿Cómo se prepara el Mojito Fresa?

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