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Mojito Sensations Vol.2

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Classic Mojito

Classic Mojito


THE ORIGINAL, GENUINE AND NATURAL! The birthplace of the Mojito is undoubtedly Cuba. This is a classic cocktail whose history dates back to the sixteenth century, the pirate Sir Richard Drake. And it was in Havana where this cocktail was popularized by the writer Hemingway. Our Classic Mojito is made with the best ingredients in the market, with the perfect blend of extraction and the secret ingredients of their creators.


WITH NATURAL MINT! Our base is a concentrated mixture of natural products, among them is the Peppermint, Sugar and Lime. The final cocktail is composed of the following ingredients: Classic Mojito Base Ron (to choose) Soda * You can make a non-alcoholic cocktail preparation adding twice the classic mojito base.

  • * You can make a non-alcoholic cocktail by simply adding more base instead of rum.
  • Classic Mojito Base
  • Rum (to choose)
  • Sparkling water


How is Classic Mojito prepared?

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